What is Rugby?

What is Rugby?

Rugby is an English sport that originated in 1800's. The game game originated at Rugby School in England.

Traditional soccer rules state that a player can only use his feet or head to move the ball. Rumor has it that a Rugby School player used his hands to carry the ball and the game of rugby was invented. While entertaining, this story is not true. Before the 1860's, soccer rules allowed for the use of hands to move the ball.

Football at Rugby School was different than at other schools. In addition to usage of the hands, the goal was different. It was higher and included a cross-bar (similar to American football's goal post). Players scores by kicking the ball over the cross-bar.

This rule eliminated crowding of the goal, allowed scoring to be attempted from different parts of the field, and made the game more exciting.

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What is Rugby?

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